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Phone Hours: 7:30am-4:30pm












St. Louis Laborers' Benefit Office




Serving Laborers' of Local 42 and 110

Committed to being responsive to the needs of our members by offering compassion and expertise while administering great benefits.


1:  How many hours do I need to be insured?


2: If I lose my benefits can I pay to continue them?


3: Will my hours automatically be transferred to the Benefit Office if I am working out of town?


4: If I believe my contractor is not reporting, what can I do?



5: Do I have a deductible?


6:How do I find a doctor who is in network?


7: What does it mean to use an in-network doctor?


8: Can anyone call the office and get my personal information?


9. How do I read my Explanation of Benefits "EOB"?


10. Does my deductible start over in January?


11. Do Co-Payments and/or Co-Insurance apply to your deductible?



12: What is the pension plan year?


13: Does a 30 & out service pension require 30 vesting and pension credits?


14: Am I able to continue my medical benefits when I retire?


15: How do I earn a pension credit?


16: How do I earn a vesting credit?


17. Is the retiree insurance the same coverage as I had when I was working?


18. Can I insure my spouse and children on Retiree Insurance?


19. What happens to my insurance when I turn 65?


20. If I become Medicare eligible before age 65, can I remain on Retiree Insurance?


21.  If my spouse and I chose a Joint and Survivor option, what happens if my spouse dies before me?


22.  What is a QDRO?


23. If I work in another Local's jurisdiction in Missouri, will those hours be credited to my St. Louis Pension?


24.  If I work in another state, will my pension hours be sent back to St. Louis?


25. Can union dues be withheld from my pension check?


26.  Can I change my federal and state withholdings at any time?


27. How soon should I apply for my pension?


28. What documents am I required to bring when I apply for my Pension?


29. What is a Disability Pension?


30.  Can I get a Disability Pension if my doctor says I am Totally and Permanently disabled?


31. Do I just need to be vested to be eligible for a Disability Pension?


32. How often do you send a pension summary?


33. What if I notice some missing hours in a plan year?


34. Can I use my banked credit to make 30 credits if I have 29 credits?


35. What is a beneficiary?


36. Can I change my beneficiary?









Frequently Asked Questions

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